Top 10 Reasons to Give to the Annual Fund







1. So that any qualified student has the opportunity to come to St. Joseph’s.








2. Because 37% of our student body receives tuition assistance, but 100% of our student body benefits from it.

3. Because our students are not your average Joe!








4. Because every dollar given to the Annual Fund goes to tuition assistance, not overhead costs.

5. So you can participate in fun events like the Donor Appreciation Tailgate!








6. Because every dollar counts! Regardless of size, your gift is being used to its fullest by helping students attend St. Joseph’s.

7. To see every kid with smiles on their faces!


8. So that all our athletic teams can win another championship!


9. So that these kids can keep hamming it up on (our new) stage!


10. Because investing in the Annual Fund means investing in the minds, hearts, and souls of our students in the likeness of Christ.