School Clubs Aim To Serve

At St. Joseph’s, students are met with countless opportunities to serve beginning in 6th grade all the way through their senior year. We have an abundance of clubs and organizations that give so much of themselves to others, whether it is physical necessities like blankets and food or spiritual gifts like prayers and rosaries. We’d like to take a moment to highlight just a few of these (some have been around a few years, some are brand new) so that you’re fully aware of the formative education happening in the hallways and classrooms besides reading and writing. The transformative experience of service is something that we’re proud of here and hope to continue as standard care and consideration in our curriculum. There are so many more clubs to highlight but this hopefully serves as a snippet of what we’re so proud to say our faculty and staff offer to our students here at St. Joseph’s. For more information on our active student life, please contact Andrea Bell, Dean of Student Life. We’d love to tell you more.

The MS Rosary Making Club: Moderated by Susie Benkert, this club brings together both boys and girls during their lunch period to craft rosaries for various missions. They’ve been shipped locally but also to New York, Egypt and the Ukraine. Each is made is careful hands and love.

St. Cecilia/St. Maximilian Kolbe Vocations Club: Moderated by Lynn Connelly and Bill Hudson, respectively, these MS vocations clubs not only seek to help our middle school students find out where they best can serve Christ, but where they can best serve others. The groups meet weekly to hear from guest speakers, pray for others and thank those in our community through cards and other small tokens of affection.

The Pope Francis Forum for Dialogue and Diversity: Moderated by Jennie Neighbors, this club seeks to be in keeping with the Pope’s teaching of asking the faithful to immerse themselves in the lives of others from all walks of life while seeking the goal of a just, responsive, and inclusive society. This forum hopes to improve the school community‚Äôs awareness of the desires, problems, and needs of others while learning how to engage in respectful, honest dialogue. It is the school’s desire that every student feel welcomed, understood, valued, and loved, and the hope is that this will result in a greater awareness of, sensitivity to, and solidarity with those of varying backgrounds and beliefs as we mutually seek the common good.

TRACE: Teens Rising Against Challenges Everyday: Moderated by Christine Wiethop and Leigh Berman, this High School club meets to raise awareness about substance abuse and learn how to talk to other students about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is a student-generated mission: to listen to and serve their peers with open minds and caring hearts by raising awareness about all of the challenges faced as teenagers. During Red Ribbon Week, the students encourage others to sign a banner pledging to be drug free, bring in speakers to talk to other students about substance abuse, and address middle school students about various challenges.