An Engineer Walks a Piano Down Main Street…

No that’s not the beginning of a bad joke.


So, what is a lead engineer at General Electric in Greenville doing playing an upright piano on Main Street?


Good question. Known as J-Mo to his friends, lead engineer and a 2007 St. Joseph’s graduate, has an enlightening answer. He bought the piano last summer then began playing for free in the middle of Greenville’s busy downtown scene. “The tips/donations I received were used for local charities,” Justin said.


“A few life-changing events last year really lit a fire inside of me and helped me realize the importance of living life to its fullest and focus on using my gifts to try and bring the community together and helping others.”


The main beneficiary of Justin’s motivation (to the tune of $1,300) was the Chris and Kelly Hope Foundation started by former SJCS baseball coach Steve Grant. Chris and Kelly were Steve’s sons who both tragically died as a result of drug addiction within years of one another. Kelly graduated from St. Joseph’s in 2004.


Justin, 27, spends most Saturdays raising money for places like the Miracle League and Let There Be Mom.


But playing piano for charity is only one part of Justin’s busy life. He also recently began a production studio, Domojam Productions, with a couple of friends.


“I’ve always enjoyed the idea of starting something from the ground up,” Justin said. “And I’ve always had a passion for music and playing piano. I thought Domojam would complement the two nicely, and it has so far.”


Daniel and Mary Olguin also were instrumental in helping start the venture and that’s where the name comes from: Daniel Olguin, Mary Olguin and Justin Andrew Mohr: Domojam.


Justin said Domojam is still in the “basement phase” but he has teamed up with Daniel, a Studio Engineer who recently moved here from Provo, Utah. Justin set up Daniel with the necessary equipment and they are able to record, mix, master and video for singers and songwriters. Daniel has connections in his hometown of Nashville, so they are hopeful that Domojam can serve “as a cheaper option with just as good (if not better) quality for aspiring musicians.”


But Domojam is not just a production company. It also an artistic endeavor and they are “working to establish ourselves as artists first and use the tools we have to work on releasing our own albums.”


Suprisingly, Justin’s career at SJCS did not involve music at least not to a big extent. He was more involved with sports and theater. “However, I enjoyed being involved with a lot of clubs and extracurriculars and I think that ‘wanting to stay active’ mindset carried over.”


Justin earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson and currently is working part-time on earning an MBA. In his spare time, Justin serves on the SJCS Alumni Board.


“When I started working, it was difficult getting used to having so much free time after 5:00 PM; I had to do something else,” Justin said. “That’s when I bought a keyboard and started really trying to pursue music as well.”


Obviously Justin’s main responsibility is as a lead engineer at GE, one of the biggest employers in the Upstate. He gathers all the quality data from GE’s manufacturing facility and puts that in a database and performs data analytics, statistical process control and designs cost-saving projects. “I’m also the ‘black-belt’ for the team which is working on lean principles and strategies for improving/optimizing processes.” said Justin.


“My job is half programming and half managing.”


So his creative/artistic side is quenched with his music, made easier by living only a couple of minutes from his job. “I’m super passionate about music, and I make time.”


Justin Mohr appears to make time for many endeavors; there may be many more on the horizon.