SJCS Athletes Score Recognition & Coveted Titles

Each year the SJCS Athletics Department recognizes our student athletes for their physical abilities as well as their mental and emotional strength, commitment to sportsmanship, leadership, and improving their body and mind through adherence to our school’s mission.

Our teams have performed extremely well this year and we are proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, SJCS has won the Director’s Cup, and the same five teams have all claimed state titles: Congratulations to Girls and Boys Cross-Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer, and Baseball!

*Notably, Girls Cross-Country has won the title four years in a row, Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer, and Baseball have won the state championship for three years in a row, and Boys Cross-Country has won for the second year in a row.


2014 Athletic Awards Recipients

Varsity Boys: Sean McDermott, Angelo Pahila, and Graham Roberts, Knight Award
JV Boys: Jack Culumovic, Jonathan Heijjer, and Luke Lyons, Knight Award

Varsity Boys: Landry Assinesi, Gene Langan, and Alexander Powell, Knight Award
JV Boys: Christian Baliker, Ken Lava, and Zack Seidel, Knight Award
Middle School Boys: Brian Graham, Jonathan Heijjer, and Nicholas McElveen, Knight Award
Varsity Girls: Elizabeth Bannio, Maeve McNamara, and Leah Saunders, Knight Award
JV Girls: Joelle Saunders, MVP; Kelly Burns, Coach’s Award; Lexi Schirle, Knight Award
Middle School Girls: Michael Anne Pace, MVP; Maegan White, Offensive MVP; Anna Wortkoetter, Defensive MVP

Alexandria Wise, MVP; Sierra Hyer, Coaches Award; Jaclyn Veno, Most Improved

Varsity Boys: Ford McCoy, MVP; Patrick Hudak, Coach’s Award; Luke Lepak, Most Improved
JV Boys: Paul Minerva, MVP; Glenn Andrew, Coach’s Award; William Tierney, Most Improved
Varsity Girls: Sara Catherine Masaschi, MVP; Carol Lewis, Coach’s Award; Berna Williams, Coach’s Award
JV Girls: Margaret Smith, Coach’s Award; Katherine Schroder, Coach’s Award; Madison Bolick, Coach’s Award

Varsity Boys: Ben Dunphy, Tyler Grant and Collin Miller, Knight Award
JV Boys: Luke Bikulege, Nicholas Dew and Grayson Kinsler, Knight Award
MS Boys: Marcus Davenport, MVP Offense; Cian Rusnak, Knight Award; Connor Stein, Coach’s Award

Varsity Boys: Christian Baliker, MVP; Tyler Yearwood, Most Improved
JV Boys: Eric Miller, Jackson Soapes, and Jacob Soapes, Knight Award

Varsity Boys: Nicholas Dew, MVP Offense; Jake Reinstein, MVP Defense; Matt Moloney, MVP
Varsity Girls: Victoria Jalali, MVP; Margaret Eberly, Coach’s Award; Morgan Guest, Leadership Award

Varsity Boys: Brennan Koslow, MVP; Christopher Heijjer, Coaches Award; Gene Langan, Knight Award
JV Boys: Anthony Alber, Most Improved; Adam Green, Leadership Award; Will Bergman, MVP
Varsity Girls: Jordan Najmabadi, MVP; Kelly Olin, MVP Offense; Melissa Zankman, Knight Award
JV Girls: Emma Nixon, MVP Offense; Reagan Sahlman, MVP Defense; Sophie Coburn, Knight Award

Varsity Girls: Margaret Stanton, Coach’s Award; Flannery Wood, Most Improved; Carolyn McCullough, MVP
JV Girls: Alden Poole, MVP Offense; Kevondrea Haynes, Coach’s Award; Maegan White, MVP Defense

Varsity Boys: Mark Williams, Most Improved; Brooks McCoy, Knight Award; Neal Satterfield, Coach’s Award
Varsity Girls: Claire Andrew, Knight Award; Katie Hudak, Most Improved; Katrina Konopka, MVP

Varsity Boys: Patrick Mobley, Coach’s Award; Alec Biscopink, Coach’s Award; David Reed, MVP
JV Boys: Philip Coburn, Leadership Award; Lee Eberly, Knight Award; John McBride, Most Improved
Varsity Girls: Sarah Gibson, MVP; Margaret Eberly, Most Improved; Victoria Baumgarten, Coach’s Award
JV Girls: Charlotte Gayle, Knight Award; Mary Elizabeth Baumgarten, Most Improved; Sarah Grace Calder, MVP

Varsity Boys: Ford McCoy, MVP; Tyler Grant, Coach’s Award; Jacob Peterman, Most Improved
Varsity Girls: La Samrae Vandross, MVP Sprint; Annika Bissinger, MVP Middle Distance; Sara Catherine Masaschi, MVP Long Distance

Varsity Girls: Jamila Johnson, Caitlin Moon, and Kaely Thompson, MVP
JV Girls: Katie Culumovic, MVP; Margaret Utecht, Knight Award; Samantha Silver, Knight Award
Middle School Girls: Helen Kopscik, MVP; Maddie Starks, Most Improved; Kelsey Sharp, Knight Award

Varsity Boys: Austin Van Houten, Coach’s Award; Theo Longenecker, Knight Award; Shane Lotts, MVP

Faculty Fan of the Year: Sarah Wicker
Student Fan of the Year: David Marable