Sunshine (Committee) On A Cloudy Day

They are the unsung heroes of our St. Joseph’s family. Armed with kind hearts, thoughtful letters and words, prayer, and a casserole dish, the Sunshine Committee has been a staple of the community for as long as the school has been in operation. The committee was formed to offer support to families going through difficult times due to illness, loss of a loved one, surgery, and also during the exhausting time of welcoming a new baby.

Diane Baliker, mother to three SJCS students (Camille ’05, Michael ’10, and Christian ’16,) has been chair for at least five years, if not more, and currently has thirty women serving with her on the committee. She estimates there are been more than thirty meals provided at the drop of a hat this school year. When Diane sends out a notice to the committee there are women who respond within minutes to collect the name, address, and needs of the family. Providing a home cooked meal, the committee members typically drop off at the school so that the student can bring it home to their family members as to not interrupt an already busy and emotionally stressful time. However, the meals have also been delivered to individual homes if this is not possible. Along with the meal, the women are there with a friendly smile and listening ear if needed.

In addition to providing a constant stream of meals, the Sunshine Committee sends cards to the family to simply reach out and help them know that the entire community is thinking of them and praying for them daily. According to Diane, the purpose of the committee is to serve families in the school community and to “give comfort and just let them know that we care.” Diane continues, “In this regard, the Sunshine Committee is more of a ministry than a committee. I think it is important because it helps maintain a sense of family in our ever-growing community.”

The committee would like to take this small spotlight as an opportunity to extend an open invitation to all families. If you or another SJCS family are ever in a time of need, large or small, please contact Diane Baliker or you may send word through the Advancement Office’s Sidney Ann Fowler at or Administrative Assistant Dawn Hawkins Just say the word and the committee will be in touch with you to help you with your situation. Let them serve you and walk with you through your difficult journey.